Acrylic painting depicting a cross section of the cerebellum. The cerebellum has a very organized structure that includes the large Purkinje cells (blue/green cells), granular cells (pink/purple cells), and basket cells (small green cells). The cerebellum’s main function is to control movement. It is primarily involved in coordination, precision, and timing of movement.

Purkinje cells (blue/green cells) are one of the most distinctive and largest cells in the brain. They receive more synaptic inputs than any other type of cell in the brain—with a single cell receiving more than 200,000 inputs. The granule cell (red/purple) on the other hand is one of the smallest and most numerous cells in the brain-with estimates of 50 billion in the human brain. There are estimated to be about 120 billion neurons in the human brain, thus granule cells alone comprise nearly 1/3 of the total number of neurons in the entire brain.

Size: 24″x36″

Price: $1000

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