This is a collage representing synapses: both post-synaptic and pre-synaptic. I used my old published papers which are sitting in a file cabinet in my office, cut them into shapes and glued them to canvas. If you are a scientist you will notice that I have the traces of action potentials in the terminals, have used cut the vesicles from immunohistochemistry staining, and depict the receptors from text with specific receptor names.

In the old days, before the digital era, when we published our research in a journal we would receive 25 free copies of the paper on nice glossy paper from the publisher. When a scientist wanted a copy, instead of downloading it from the Internet immediately, we would send a postcard to the author and ask for a copy. Then  the author would put the copy in the mail-it could takes weeks to get some papers to read.

This picture won second placed in the cover art contest at the University of Iowa in 2015

Size: 16″x20″


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