Brain Power

This painting is a picture of multiple neurons. There are local interneurons, the smaller dark green neurons, and neurons that send their signals some distance away. They do this through axons, shown as the long processes going toward the top of the painting. Neurons are composed of their cell bodies, round and triangular, which integrate signals, contain the nucleus with the DNA, and make all the proteins that make the cell function. They have dendrites extending from the cell body that receive input from other neurons, shorter processes. Lastly, they have axons that extend from their cell body to carry their messages to other neurons and in some cases very far away. The longest axons go from the big toe up to a brain region at the base of the brain in the medulla called the nucleus gracilis. Neurons are the most amazing cells in the body and are responsible for nearly everything we do and think. They control movement, sensations like touch and site, learning and memory, our organs like the heart, and even our emotions.

Size: 16″x20″


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