Do you hear me?

Do you hear me?

The painting shows the stereocilia of hair cells (blue columns) from the inner ear, in fact, I show the stereocilia from outer hair cells. Hair cells are sensory receptors, neurons, that transmit sound waves into a signal that is transmitted to the brain for us to differentiate sound. As depicted, sterocilia are arranged in rows of graded lengths and are embedded in a tectorial membrane without microvilli (purple). Supporting cells have small microvilli (red). Movement of the sterocilia causes ion channels on the hair cell to open, and transmits the sound wave to an electrical signal.

oreille_gene_enCoupe schématique de l'organe de Corti

Above is a schematic drawing of the ear (left).  The outer ear (blue) is separated from the middle ear (orange) by the eardrum that is linked to the inner ear (pink) by 3 very small bones. The spiral cochlea is where the hair cells are located. Within the cochlea is the organ of Corti (above right) which houses the hair cells and the supporting cells this is the functional unit that transmits sound.

If you want more information on hearing I refer you to the following website




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