Reprint Art

As a researcher I have published papers in peer reviewed scientific literature since the early ’90s. Before we had full electronic capacity I received 25-50 reprints free from the journal for years. These have been languishing in my office file cabinets for decades. So instead of just throwing them away, I decided to come up with a new art form I have coined as “Reprint Art”.

The posted pictures of the art below show several examples. I collage the reprints either as a background or make them into shapes. I try to make them related to the science in the article.

I take commissions and will work with you to design an original reprint art piece based on your science. These make unique gifts for a graduating student, postdoc or a colleague. Contact me to discuss.

Reprint Art #1

16×20 collage and drawing. The background is made from published papers. The neuron is drawn with markers using pointillism, drawing with dots of different colors to form shapes, a technique pioneered by Georges Seurat during the Impressionist period.

Reprint Art #2 – Pain Brain

Pain Brain. This is a 16×20 collage with the backgroundi made of brain scans from published papers on pain. I then put in map pins in yellows and whites to designate areas involved in pain processing. These active areas are connected by string in pinks and reds. Darker map pins represent neurons throughout the brain with dark purple and blue strings showing connections.

Reprint Art #3 – Pain Synapses

This 8x 10″ collage made from prior papers on the role of dorsal root reflexes in controlling inflammation. This is a subject area I studied as a postdoc many years ago. The nerve recordings I did and published in papers. The synaptic vesicles are cut from staining pictures for glutamate and the receptors are cut from text.

Reprint Art # 4

This 8x 10″ collage and drawing of a neuron firing as would be seen when doing an extra cellular recording. The background are published papers, and neurons surround the recording trace.

Reprint Art #5

8×10 collage and drawing. The background are published papers. The neurons are made with markers using pointillism- dots – a technique pioneered by Seurat.

Reprint Art #6

This 8×10 collage shows synapses in the spinal cord involved in pain. It is made from reprints shaped like processes observed with electron microscopy in the central nervous system. They were then colored with marker and words cut out of papers and placed to represent neurotransmitters and receptors.

Reprint Art #7

This piece was commissioned by Dr. June Goto from the University of Cincinnati. She studies motile cilia of the ependymal cells, glia in the brain involved in generation and movement of cerebrospinal fluid.

Reprint Art #8

This piece was commissioned for a former undergrad student in my laboratory by his mother for his birthday. Neuron overlayed on the background of his paper.


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